I’m Owen and I hunt and fish. A lot. For me, the culmination of a day afield isn’t watching an arrow zip through a deer’s lungs or feeling the weight of a fish as it doubles a rod. It’s eating a meal I’ve created from the animal’s life I’ve just taken.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate hunting and fishing as more than a pastime, but as a way of life and means of sustenance. Too often we’ve become dependent upon industrialized shrink wrapped meats and vegetables, the result of losing our most basic instinct-the inclination to procure food from our surroundings.

I hope my blog will have something for the novice and the experienced alike. I live in southern Indiana, so most of my writings will relate to the midwest. I’ll chronicle how fat bluegill make it from the lake and into a bowl of spicy Thai red curry, and the journey a whitetail deer makes from majestic mammal to a package of venison in my freezer-and a whole hell of a lot more.  I’ll post tips, tutorials, recipes and the occasional product review. Please join me.








































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